About Us

Grace Fellowship Church is a member of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA).  Learn more about the PCA.

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The three persons depicted in Grace Fellowship's logo have a three-fold meaning.  They represent our God whom we worship in the Trinity of persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit; the communion of the saints of all ages with whom we are united in Jesus Christ; and a family as our God works his salvation through believing families and creates new family relationships in the Gospel.  The arched doorways signify that the Gospel makes us a part of something ancient, rooted and everlasting, placing us within a long stream of church history.  The up-stretched arms evoke the poster of joyful worship that God gives to all who embrace Jesus Christ in faith. 

Pastor & Elders

Pastor Justin Coverstone

Dave DeMeester
Larry DeVries
Gary Hollewell
Shawn Nelson
Randy Swalve
Rob Vock